Will Younger Shoppers Prefer In-Store vs. Online Shopping Post Pandemic?

Posted June 29, 2021

GenZ shopper in retail store.

If you’re scratching your head at this question, you’re not alone! Afterall, isn’t GenZ (those born in the mid-to-late 90s) supposed to be the most tech savvy? Don’t they all have TikTok accounts? 

Well, you’re right there, but think about what this generation has gone through in the last year: no prom, no school sporting events, no college experience, and no after-work meet ups. 

Instead, they spent the majority of their time online with virtual learning, zoom calls with friends, or on Netflix trying to find their next binge watch. Even for this tech savvy generation, that’s a lot of screen time.

So, it didn’t surprise us when we came across an article in CNBC on how this younger generation was among the first to express interest in going out.

Expect New Shopping Behaviors Among GenZ

According to this article, GenZ was reported to express the most enthusiasm about spending time with people outside of their households, among the generations. In fact, in a recent study, almost 30% of GenZ participants said that they plan to be more social and outgoing than they were pre-pandemic. 

The conclusion? GenZ is ready to swap their virtual realities with real-world experiences. And one of the first activities they’re starting with is shopping:

Similar to after the Great Recession, teen girls are leading the way as they open up their wallets after the most recent, pandemic-related recession…[n]early 30% of upper-income female teens’ wallets are going toward clothing—a high not seen since 2013[.]


Aside from wanting a new wardrobe for going out and meeting new people, these younger shoppers are interested in the actual act of going somewhere new that will provide them with opportunities to socialize and explore their surroundings.

Therefore, It’s safe to say that though they may still review products online, they’re more likely to venture outside their homes to test them in person and enjoy a personalized shopping experience.

Marketing to GenZ, Millennials, and Beyond!

Since teens and 20-somethings seem to be the most eager to get back to pre-pandemic living, the logical next step is to market to these groups to get them inside your store. 

But that requires a new marketing strategy, new signage, promotions and other business collateral—All of which takes time and a lot of planning.

Ready for the good news? At Rosedale Center, we already draw in large crowds of GenZ, Millennials, GenX, and even Baby Boomers to our shopping center.

Centrally located between the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Rosedale is more than a mall. It’s the ultimate destination for shopping, dining, hospitality, and experimental events!

When people visit Rosedale, they get to experience over 160 specialty stores, plus fast-casual and full-service dining options. And while they’re here, they can also check out exciting mall events or new exhibits we have going on each month.

We focus on creating personalized experiences that attract people of every age group. But GenZ and Millennials seem to have found a permanent home at our shopping center!”

Senior General Manager, Lisa Crain

Thinking of Leasing at Rosedale?

As GenZ and others are eagerly returning to their favorite places and activities, it’s important that your business is located near all that incoming foot traffic. At Rosedale, we offer flexible leasing options (i.e., short term, seasonal, and long-term) to suit your business’ needs. We also offer advertising and static display products to help promote your brand and bring in our many shoppers to your location from anywhere in the store. 

Whether you want to lease for a few days or a few months, we can provide common area pushcarts, kiosks, or temporary in-line spaces. All you have to do is decide what works best for your brand, and we help you plan it out and set up shop.

Holly Rome, Executive Vice President of Leasing

To learn how we can help you get back to business and start seeing more customers, contact our leasing office to explore your options.



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