What to Buy for the Work-From-Homer

Posted November 25, 2020

This human is the queen of savvy, the king of practical and the court ruler of comfy. They know how to master a Zoom call in “Professional on Top” and “Slumber Party on Bottom” and have since become best friends with dalgona coffee, their brand new humidifier and Chewy delivery. They’ve also mastered the process of rolling out of bed and being ready for a conference call in under 15 minutes. Mad respect work-from-homers. Mad respect. So, when it comes to gift giving for this brilliant group, think of all things helpful and efficient.

Here’s our list.

1. A nice pair of “city sweat” joggers and a loungey sweatshirt.

We can’t say enough good things about these delightful joggers at Lululemon. They’re insanely comfortable and available in a wide range of sizes. They also have a fun color selection, keeping it edgy with an army-style plum pant, some khaki, blue and more black. (Finally, a pair of casual-on-bottoms that are professional enough to survive your assistant cat knocking you laptop over during that super important 8am Monday meeting!) For just under $100! For the work from home person, these are great pants that can get them out of pajamas and feeling fresh and comfortable.

Here’s a cozy sweatshirt to go with that work-from-home vibe. It’s $128 and comes in a variety of colors like: neon yellow, light pink, soft plum and blue. Pair those with the jogger pants and voila! You have the best work-from-home outfit out there. This outfit is also great for a college student who can’t get out of bed for that 7:30am class, because we all know college kids are feeling that work from home struggles too. 

We can’t forget about the dudes in this Lululemon playfield. They have a really lovely City Sweat Jogger available in the same colors as the gals. 

2. Aroma diffuser.

This is an ideal gift for the person that needs to take a moment and chill. An option that typically no one would take the time to buy themselves, but would be grateful for it in the long run. Especially on a chilly Sunday with some hot tea. Grab some essential oils to throw in and you have the perfect gift for someone who is a little more stressed out in the work from home environment. Equally hot tip: Rose & Loon has a huge variety of infuser oils to pair with it, all made locally in Minnesota.

Credit: Essence One

3. Amika’s glorious “Perk Up” dry shampoo.

We know Zoom meetings sneak upon us so that work-from-home friend could use this lovely trick: amika dry shampoo. It truly smells like one of the highest-end perfumes and, let’s be honest, we would spray it on our armpits for a last-minute fix (thank goodness Zoom is not advanced enough to smell). It’s one of the most coveted beauty products – and something you can’t go wrong with as a gift.

4. These rainer printed soft leggings (with pockets!) from Athleta.

For a generous $98 (definitely worth it), you can buy your work-from-home family member or friend the COMFIEST leggings on the planet. That has zippable pockets! For all the things we need to stash! These thick-banded, high-waisted bottoms are available in so many loungeable colors that will work wonders for any last minute Whole Foods lunch run. 

5. Apple Pencil or stand for a laptop.

The Apple Pencil is a great addition for the work from home person that needs quick, efficient techy accessories for their iPad. A great solution for someone who loves to take notes on their ipad during meetings or classes, but misses the personalization and efficiency of handwritten notes. There are a million great note taking apps that are easy to download such as Notability or ProCreate. The Apple Store at the Rosedale Mall is a great place to stop or for pick-up – just remember to make that appointment before you go! They also have great laptop stands to help with busy wrists from so much typing. 

6. A quality office chair or standing desk. 

They have lots of options at Becker Furniture! If you’re getting a “big, major” gift for someone you love,  this is one practical and generous option. Many of us are realizing the benefits of working from home, and may want to continue this option long-term.  Whether you want to buy a nice office chair with all the reclining, good posture fixings or a standing desk, your work from home confidant will be forever appreciative for it. We really love this screen back office chair, now on sale for $249.

7. A giant water bottle. 

For some reason, it can be hard to stay on top of the hydration game and drink lots of water when you’re working from home (hello, distractions). Here are some places in Rosedale Mall you can get a stylish, fancy water bottle: Pac Sun, Macy’s, and Athleta (to name a few).  Not only will it look cute next to all of their work, but staying hydrated can help the worker or student stay focused and reduce headaches and stress. 

8. A stylish planner. 

Gotta keep that schedule in check! A great way to do that is by buying your work-from-home friend a cute planner. Laying out all of the things you need to get done on paper can really help turn your home environment into a work environment.  JCPenny happens to have a plethora of options available. So, you can choose any style you want.

You can download the full shopping list on the Rosedale Center app!

Now, let’s go shopping!




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