How to Attract Last-Minute Retail Shoppers

Posted December 7, 2021

Young woman shopping for last minute gifts at the mall.

Looking for more creative ways to drive foot traffic? It’s no secret that customers are shopping earlier for the best holiday deals this season. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still reel them in after Black Friday.

Remember, it was only a year ago when families had to postpone, or even cancel, their favorite mall shopping traditions. This included listening to carolers, seeing decorations and window displays, or attending holiday in-store events! That means they’ll be looking for an excuse to venture outdoors and experience all the sights and sounds of the season

Here’s some other fun news for retailers this holiday. According to a new survey by JLL, consumers are planning to give their holiday budget a bigger boost this year with an estimated 25% increase from 2020.

Translation: shoppers are not only eager for this holiday season, but they want to spend more, too! 

Promotional Ideas for Retail Stores

In a previous article, we highlighted four retail shopping trends to help you prepare for this year’s holiday rush. In addition to those strategies, we wanted to share a few retail advertising ideas to help attract more last-minute shoppers.

In-Store Displays

Get shoppers into the Christmas spirit with festive decorations and window displays. Fill the air with classic holiday tunes playing in the background. Or put up some twinkling lights to make your store a jolly spectacle.

DID YOU KNOW that in 2020, families who stayed at home during the holidays took the concept of “decking the halls” to a whole new level? Homeowners reportedly began putting up their Christmas decorations earlier than usual, and many retailers experienced a noteworthy spike in holiday decoration sales. 

It’s fair to say that many shoppers will be just as eager in 2021 to immerse themselves in holiday decor: “People tend to be in celebratory moods at this time of year, and they are more likely to wander into a shop if the windows are decked out in bright holiday décor,” (ZenBusiness).

Gift Guides & Packages

Every holiday shopping list has at least one or two picky individuals who either have everything they want or are just too hard to shop for. Gift guides help simplify this shopping dilemma by providing customers with a unique selection of gift ideas that are already packaged neatly together.

How this works: select certain store items that pair nicely together and create gift brackets with attractive themes (e.g., spa gift set, culinary gift set, bookworm gift set, etc.). 

If you sell cookware, for example, you might decide to make a bakers gift set, a grill masters gift set, and a beginner’s gift set to complement a variety of potential interests and personalities.

Try to have fun with this idea! The more unique and comprehensive the set, the more shoppers will be drawn to it. After all, you did all the hard work for them. 

One for You; One for Me Holiday Retail Campaigns

Did you know that 45% of shoppers admit to buying an item for themselves while shopping for someone else on their Christmas list? And remember that survey we mentioned in JLL? Well according to their findings, more Americans are expected to buy something for themselves in 2021 than in previous years.

This has sparked many retailers to offer more in-store “buy one; get one half off” retail campaigns to harness this trend.

There are many ways you can follow this retail model and incorporate other marketing channels, as well. If you operate an eCommerce site and brick-and-mortar store, for instance, you can reward your shoppers for making a purchase online with a discount code to use in store or vice versa.   

This will not only allow customers to enjoy a special treat for themselves at a discounted price, but it will allow you to reward them for their loyalty. And they will appreciate the favor.

Other Retail Advertising Strategies in 2021

In addition to the ideas listed above, here are a few other creative ways to attract more customers to your retail store this holiday.

  • Offer in-store “free” gift wrapping
  • Plan a ticketed in-store event for exclusive deals and giveaways
  • Partner with other small retail stores to make gift guides
  • Host special giveaways throughout the seasons on social media that winners can pickup in store

What More Shopping Trends?

Looking for more tips on how to promote your retail business? Stay connected to our blog for more shopping trends and advertising strategies. 



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