Why Mall Events Mean Big Business for Your Brand

Posted June 25, 2021

Rosedale event

Retail brands and shopping centers are always on the lookout for new ways to attract customers. But this year, it’s not just retailers looking to draw customers back into stores. This time around, customers are actively on the hunt for fun, local events to experience. And it’s now up to malls and shopping centers to satisfy this new need!

As many Americans return to working in offices and socializing with friends, they’re also returning to one of their favorite activities: shopping!

But they don’t just want to simply “shop” anymore. Afterall, they could do that online. What they really want is a personalized shopping experience—one that excites the senses and keeps them engaged and entertained throughout their journey.

Crafting Personalized Shopping Experiences 

Over the last few months, we’ve shared articles on what’s next for shopping centers post pandemic and how retail is making a major comeback! During our research, we came across an interesting article in Glossy on how brands are coaxing customers back to stores using in-store-only promotions and weekly events. 

  • Brands like Ba&sh in New York City, for example, are slowly bringing back their weekly “Dream Closet” happy hour event, after much popular demand. In fact, their customers were actively contracting the store asking for updates, meaning these loyal patrons were ready to return to in-store shopping—but they wanted a fun experience to pair with it. 
  • Companies like Dick’s Sporting Good are also launching a first-of-its-kind “House of Sports” store in Upstate New York. The new concept will feature multi-sport experiences, such as a running track, rock wall, and golf simulator to allow customers the chance to test products in real sport environments.

If you look all over the country, many brands are debuting new experimental events to entice shoppers and offer unique shopping experiences that they can’t do online. And shoppers are enjoying every minute of it!

Shoppers are coming back. 

So, now the real challenge for brands is competing to become the most exciting destination to offer more personalized experiences. But at Rosedale Center, that is a cornerstone feature we’ve always offered our guests. 

Mall Events at Rosedale

We have an experience tab on our website’s main navigation for a reason: for guests to learn what’s new, what’s exciting, and what’s happening at our shopping center. It’s an easy way for them to stay connected and explore our exciting mall events for themselves. 

“Hosting events and creating unique experiences is not just a feature we offer at Rosedale,” said Senior General Manager, Lisa Crain. “It’s our culture. It’s what our guests come to expect the moment they walk through our doors, and it’s our mission to deliver on that promise.”

How Can Rosedale’s Mall Events Help Your Business?

Aside from welcoming over 14 million guests a year and being centrally located between the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Rosedale can bring your business to the center of all that mall foot traffic. 

We have annual sales of over $300 million, as well as a long list of upcoming events that our visitors already have marked down on their calendars. 

When people visit our location, they know they’re getting much more than a shopping center. Whether it’s seeing a wrestling match, exploring art galleries and displays, encountering a haunted basement or deadly drive thru, or savoring a taste of the Minnesota state fair, they’re getting something truly unique. 

Something that enhances their shopping experience and makes them want to stay a while longer.

“If you’re looking for creative ways to draw in more customers, opening your business at Rosedale is the first step,” said Holly Rome, Executive Vice President of Leasing at Rosedale Center. “Our shopping center creates the ultimate destination for experimental events, and as our tenant, you get to benefit from the growing number of mall foot traffic we see each year.

Ready to see how Rosedale gets down to business? 

Get started by contacting our leasing office today! 




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