How to Make Your Pop-up Shop a Success

Posted November 18, 2020

Christmas pop-up shop.

The holidays are already upon us, and everywhere small businesses and large retailers, alike, are announcing big savings and hot deals this season!

With so many businesses competing for the attention of shoppers, you may be wondering how your brand can stand out from the crowd and attract more people to your store.

A pop-up shop might be just the marketing tactic you need to grow your customer base.

In a previous post, we shared the benefits of pop-up shops for any size business, but today, our focus is how to launch a successful retail pop-up this holiday season and in the New Year!

What You Need to Launch a Pop-Up Shop

Have a General Consensus of Your Target Audience

Whether you already manage a brick-and-mortar store, or you’re just starting out, you should know who your target audience is, what their frustrations are, and how you can help them solve a need. However, it’s important to note that you don’t necessarily need to understand every intricate detail about your customers before launching a pop-up shop.

In fact, the type of customer engagement you’ll receive from your temporary retail store will provide you with a deeper understanding of your audiences’ demographics, including their age, gender, employment, ethnicity, income, buying habits, etc. And once you have collected this information, you can then narrow your focus and create memorable campaigns that aim to connect and create personal relationships with your target customers. 

Define and Measure Your Goals

Before beginning any marketing campaign, such as a pop-up shop, it’s important to first define your goals by determining how you’ll measure success. These are known as KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

Although many businesses would classify a “completion of sale” as a top KPI, other indicators of success may include:

  • How many people visit your retail pop-up to ask a question about your product
  • How many people test your product in person
  • How many people follow you on social media after visiting your store
  • How many referrals you receive from previous customers
  • How many positive Google reviews you gain, as a result of your pop-up shop

Once you establish your KPIs, you can start tracking their success. This will help you analyze your data and make necessary modifications to your product or promotional pieces to further streamline your success.

Create a Sense of Urgency

It’s been proven time and again that shoppers find it difficult to pass up a good deal. What we mean is if you’re launching a new product and want customers to take advantage of a special offer or discount, you’ll want to include displays in your temporary retail space that read: “For a Limited Time Now,” “20% Off for First-Time Shoppers” or “Sale Ends Today.” By creating a sense of urgency, you’re giving shoppers more incentive to make a final point of purchase.

And because pop-up shops are designed to be temporary retail spaces anyway, it’s true that if shoppers want to take advantage of a special promo you’re offering, they need to act fast. Just be sure to remind them!

Looking to Lease a Pop-Up Shop at Rosedale?

Centrally located between St. Paul and Minneapolis—only 10 minutes away from each downtown destination—our Rosedale Center will put your pop-up shop in the heart of all the fun and entertainment, especially this holiday season!

Start planning your temporary retail space at Rosedale by contacting our leasing team for details, special offers, and availability.



Recycled box, string and notebook; Sustainability Shopping

Sustainability Shopping


Lululemon opens new location at Rosedale Center

Recycled box, string and notebook; Sustainability Shopping

Sustainability Shopping


Lululemon opens new location at Rosedale Center