Grow Your Restaurant Clientele at Rosedale Center

Posted September 30, 2020

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Whether you operate a family restaurant, retail franchise, or a small, grab-and-go cafe, it takes more than delicious food and fresh ingredients to make your brand a success.

Having the right location is an essential part of creating a unique atmosphere for hungry Minnesotans to enjoy and frequent often. 

At Rosedale Center, we know how customers love variety, which is why we offer a diverse dining experience in the heart of the Twin Cities. From our POTLUCK food hall and trendy dine-in restaurants to coffee shops and creameries serving up mouthwatering treats, our mall features delicious food options around every corner!  

How Can Renting a Restaurant Space at Rosedale Benefit You? 

In addition to its wide selection of culinary classics, our mall offers an incredible layout to increase your restaurant’s foot traffic. This means that before you even start marketing your brand’s new location, you’ll be attracting a host of new customers looking for something new, exciting, and of course, delicious!  

To give you a better idea, let’s breakdown the five major benefits you can immediately expect from renting a restaurant space at Rosedale: 

1.) Greater Brand Awareness

Renting space at a mall can help you engage more customers from all different demographics and regions across the state.  

  • To give you an idea, our shopping center attracts more than 14 million visitors each year. We’re also rated one of the top shopping destinations in the state.
  • Why? Because at Rosedale, our mission is to provide customers with a one-of-a-kind shopping experience paired with popular food options, inspiring art exhibits, local charitable events, and tons of live entertainment throughout the year.  

When you rent with us, your restaurant will be part of the reason why people continue to come back for more fun, food, and adventure!  

2.) Prime Location

In addition to more foot traffic, Rosedale is situated in a safe, friendly neighborhood, surrounded by other thriving businesses.

It’s also centrally located between St. Paul and Minneapolis—only 10 minutes away from each downtown destination. This improves the retail value of our area and the safety of its businesses, customers, and future success.  

3.) Major Cost Savings

There’s a major cost benefit between renting a space at the mall vs. leasing a private brick and mortar building.

  • For instance, leasing at Rosedale gives you more variety on the size and location of where you want to open your restaurant, not to mention whether this is a permeant or temporary expedition.  
  • Let’s also not forget that Rosedale can help you promote your grand opening with billboard style advertising and free-standing displays to help get the word out and bring more hungry shoppers in!   

4.) Better Image 

Renting a restaurant space at Rosedale also comes with the added perk of a clean, well-maintained shopping environment. Our mall takes great pride in the look, feel, and cleanliness of our shopping center.

  • We want both shoppers and businesses to experience a clean and tidy experience, from the moment they park in our lots. There’s nothing worse than opening a business in an area that collects garbage on the side of the road or is often the prime spot for littering.
  • This makes customers less likely to visit your location or stay longer than necessary. 

At Rosedale, this never needs to be a concern. Our dedicated maintenance crew keeps our center in sparkling condition, which means our customers like to stay longer and relax in a clean, calm environment.  

5.) More Flexibility

If you’re interested in opening a new restaurant or expanding to different parts of the area, renting a space in our mall will offer you a seamless transition, from signing your leasing to opening up to the public.  

  • For instance, you may require a larger space to open a dine-in restaurant or a smaller area like a kiosk to sell artisan items like gourmet chocolates, fresh baked goods, coffee, health foods, etc. Perhaps our food hall suits your business model better or maybe you want to try your “luck” at POTLUCK.  
  • Whatever type of rental space you’re looking for, Rosedale has the perfect location to call home!  

Find a Restaurant Space for Rent at Rosedale Center 

If you’re looking for a restaurant space for rent, there’s no better way to get the word out about your business and test your restaurant concept than renting a space at Rosedale.  

To learn more about renting a restaurant space at Rosedale, contact our leasing team today!  



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